Paul Mampilly has Made Some Bold Career Choices

Paul Mampilly received a finance degree from Fordham University. He started working at Bankers Trust after graduating, and people quickly took note of how good he was at his job. He became a sought-out business person because of the natural skills that he had in regard to finances. He worked on Wallstreet for some time before it began to wear him down. He didn’t want to spend all of his life and his career helping the rich become richer so he took a step away from all of that.

Paul Mampilly is spending more time with his family now, and he is still working in finances. He is just doing things in his own way, as he helps the common man by working as an investment analyst and researcher. He is one of the brightest people to work in the financial world, and he is often seen on CNBC, Fox Business News, and other large networks. He is known for being straightforward about the career choices that he has made and how they have affected his life. He doesn’t regret walking away from Wallstreet but he is happy to have more time with his family and more time to devote to helping the common man. To know more about him click here.

In 2016, Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing, and 90,000 people have signed up for the newsletter since then. People are interested in hearing what he has to say because of his experience in the financial world and how well he has always done in it, no matter what kind of a challenge he has taken on. Paul Mampilly offers advice on how to trade stocks and much more, and he is a man who can be looked up to because he is passionate about his work and is always learning more even as he shares his knowledge with others.


Freedom Checks Are Legit – What An Opportunity!

Are you ready to make the investment of your lifetime? According to Matt Badiali, that investment may very well be in the form of Freedom Checks. Everyone has been talking about these Freedom Checks recently, and there is a lot of misinformation about them. Some people think that Matt Badiali is telling people that they can get free money from the government. They think that it is suspicious that he is saying that. However, the reality is that he is saying nothing of the sort. Instead, he is pointing to a legitimate investment that can very well make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful portfolio.

These investments are in companies that are known as Master LImited partnerships. They are not very well known, but they can seriously make you a lot of money. Regardless of whether you are looking to invest your extra savings or are interested in starting a full time income stream from your investments, you can accomplish your goals by investing in these Freedom Checks or Master Limited partnerships.

Matt Badiali says that these companies are those that are eligible for the special program that was set up by Congress in 1981. It was targeted at companies that were operating in the oil and gas industry. They had to be mainly involved in producing, transporting, or processing oil and natural gas. However, if they were eligible for the program, they could get certain tax incentives.

Another requirement in order to be eligible for the program was that these companies had to pay out ninety percent of their revenue to investors. This means that if you become an investor and invest in these companies, you can be assured that you will get regular dividends. If you invest enough money, these dividends may be enough to give you the financial freedom that you have been looking for. That is why Matt Badiali likes to call these investments Freedom Checks.

However, this is a legit opportunity and not some scam like the opportunities you see being promoted on the internet without any basis behind them.

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Answers to Your Questions about Freedom Checks

Companies are about to pass down huge payments to their coffers following the passing of a new tax plan. Taxpayers’ bank accounts are expected to swell with over $34.6 billion expected to be paid out. One simple investment strategy has made the huge payments possible. Some of the many Americans who can attest to the viability of the investment strategy include Doug Smith, Lisa Luhrman and Mike Reed who expect to receive $24075, $66570 and $160,923 respectively. The amount you receive will depend on the amount you invested. Matt Badiali, a renowned investment expert with a background in geology, introduced Americans to freedom checks through a video he posted online. He told the world that regardless your background and the amount you have in your bank account, you can start and collect these checks within a short time.

Companies which takes part in this program, their revenues must come from the natural resources. Such companies are eligible for tax exemptions. You can invest in such companies with as little as $10 and become a stakeholder. The investment pays more than what government programs such as social security benefits will. Freedom checks are received from Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). MLPs are companies that meet the conditions set out in Statute-26 F. The statute was enacted in 1987 bringing MLPs to existence. They eligible for tax exemptions as a result of passing 90% of their revenues down to their stakeholders. MLPs operate in the energy sector.

The reason why the sector is lucrative is because there is an increase in demand for oil products in the United States like no other time before. Population is continuing to grow and as it grows, more vehicles are bound to be driven increasing fuel demand. Oil is no longer being imported into the United States from the Middle East. Therefore, there is an increase in demand for oil products. To receive freedom checks, you need to invest in MLP just like you would invest in other companies such as Apple. This is an investment opportunity like any other, only that it pays a lot more. The high returns are made possible by the tax exemptions accrued to MLPs. There are over 568 MLPs in the United States today. Take advantage of the opportunity and be part of the beneficiaries of the $34.6 billion to be paid by MLPs in form of freedom checks.

The Life and Career of Professional Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf has made it his mission in life to find more sustainable and resourceful options for home projects. Upon celebrating his 67th birthday, Flavio Maluf continued his commitment to find more sustainable products for a wide range of materials. His company. Eucatex, has been in business for several decades. The company uses a range of eucalyptus to create high-quality flooring, doors and partitions. The company has a headquarters in Sao Paulo, but they can be found all throughout Brazil because of the large amount of work that they do for both homeowners and contractors on varying levels. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

Flavio Maluf has a passion for environmental protection and has even created projects like Casa DaNatureza, to help protect the forests within the country. Because of this passion, he continues to work with eucalyptus as his main source of material to provide better flooring and wood-type material that lasts a long time and is going to help customers to realize their true potential. Flavio Maluf also works on growing local trees around Brazil and how this is benefiting the environment. This is enabling the country to breathe easier and for people to realize the benefits of doing this for their family and friends.

Along with providing a range of different projects and products, Flavio Maluf has put fire prevention measures into place within the region to prevent fires from breaking out during the dry season of the year. By doing this, fewer forests are damaged because of fires that may occur around the area. Because of the large amount of work that Flavio Maluf has done for the area, it is no wonder that this particular professional has been such a wonderful asset to the environment and has created products that are sustainable and easy on the wallet for those making use of the items.

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Jacob Gottlieb Is The Founder Of Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful businessman and entrepreneur that is well-known throughout the industry for his contributions to healthcare and his philanthropic work. He is the founder of Visium Asset Management and now Altium Capital as well. Altium Capital has a specific focus on the healthcare industry and will begin investing in the coming months. Jacob Gottlieb earned his CFA shortly after earning his medical degree from the New York School of Medicine. Although he didn’t stick with it, Jacob initially went for a career in the healthcare industry, which is why Altium Capital is going to focus on that sector as well.

Along with his focus on the healthcare industry as an investor, Jacob is also investing in philanthropy on a regular basis. For many years now, Jacob has personally contributed to a variety of charities around his state, both in money and time. Jacob grew up in New York, so he wants to see it flourish just like anyone else living in the area, especially his hometown. Jacob invests into local non-profit organizations and projects all of the time and in particular, he is fond of the Robin Hood Foundation, Covenant House, New Yorkers for Children, and the Harlem Tutorial Program. These organizations help build a better community through more education opportunities as well as helping those facing homelessness and other missing aspects of decent quality of life.

Along with Visium Asset Management and Altium Capital, Jacob Gottlieb has played a major role at several other companies in the past. He co-founded Balyasny Asset Management, he even worked for several years as an analyst for the company Sanford Bernstein and he even worked as an executive for Merlin BioMed in charge of portfolio management for a few years. These days, Jacob’s focus is on getting Altium started and being active in his own community through philanthropic contributions.

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Investing in High-Quality Freedom Checks

If you are looking for a way to earn money using a high-yielding investment opportunity, there is nothing better for you than Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks are ideal because they help you to put money into tax-exempt companies that share their profits with investors. It’s a relatively foolproof way of putting your money into a specific type of investment and know that you are going to get something in return. You will find that Freedom Checks are incredibly advantageous whether you want to put a small amount of money into the company or are looking to invest thousands.

The company was founded by Matt Badiali many years ago and has quickly grown to be one of the most beneficial ways to earn income on investments. The way that Freedom Checks work is by having you put money into a tax-exempt company. By law, these companies have to share their profits with investors, so you will find that they are able to provide you and others with money to quickly and easily grow in revenue. This is ideal for individuals who want to either retire early or those who wish to have some type of supplemental income each and every day. To know more about the company click here.

In order for you to begin the process of investing, you are going to want to make use of Mr. Badiali’s book known as Freedom Checks. This book will teach you everything that you need to know about investing, including which companies offer these opportunities and how to go about starting work with them. Once you begin to work with the right company, it is just a matter of beginning the process of investing your money and knowing that you are doing something that isn’t just effective, but is also entirely legal for you to be doing as well. This is why this particular form of investment has grown so much over the past several years and has allowed for people just like you to make enough money to retire early or have a pretty penny in their savings account. You will love how easy it is to invest in these checks as well.

NewsWatch TV Fundamentals

Newswatch TV is an award-winning television program that is known for promoting and focusing on technology, consumer news, celebrity interviews, consumer and entertainment, mobile apps, breaking news, and public service announcements, etc…

NewsWatch airs on Ion Television and AMC Network in the morning news hours 7 a.m. on Monday. Working also with syndicated local stations.

Words from those who have been integrated with the company have been enthusiastic and encouraging about Newswatch services.

Avanca Marketing Director, Nathalie ven WijKulet says, “We highly recommend working with Newswatch team.” Having a crowdfunding project promoted thru Newswatch that successfully raised $456,551, raising more money than they had set out to.

Contour Design’s Product Manager had this to say, “The sales of our ultimate workstation series have dramatically spiked, and that’s all attributed to the work that was done over at Newswatch.

NewsWatch has had the honor of working with Fortune 500 Companies, small businesses around the world, independent app developers and all sizes of organization’s.

These include companies such as D-Link, Audi, Intel, Casio, Sony, Outback Steakhouse, and many more.

NewsWatch originally aired back in March of 1990 beginning as a monthly program focusing on financial issues. Eventually, they expanded into more of a TV magazine of news, covering a wide range of topics.

Winning a Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcum Award, National 2017 Videographer Award for excellent 30-minute entertainment programming. They also received a 2016 Silver Telly Award.

They are based out of Washington,DC with offices located in Fairfax, V.A, New York City, and Denver CO. Owned and Operated by Bridge Communications.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Positively Impacting Patients through Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a cosmetic surgeon who became certified by the board of plastic surgery to practice plastic surgery in Dallas, Texas. Through the earnest application of his license, Jejurikar earned the elite status of being one of the top-rated cosmetic surgeons in the region. Over the course of his career, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar demonstrated the type of commitment, compassion, and skill that bestowed him the prestigious notability of being nominated to receive the Most Compassionate Doctor certification in 2012. In addition to that award, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s name and business profile were added by the American Registry to The Registry of Business Excellence to highlight his exceptional professionalism.

Before receiving his board-certification to practice plastic surgery, Dr. Jejurikar had to first complete his medical education and residency. He chose to attend the University of Michigan Medical School and the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers where he studied diligently to graduate with honors. Moreover, with his education, Sameer Jejurikar obtained three medical licenses in the states of New York, Michigan, and Texas. However, Jejurikar made the decision to establish his office (Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute) in Dallas, Texas where he has since served the region through the application of the most innovative solutions in cosmetic surgery. In his office, Dr. Jejurikar has a 3D Imaging System that he allows patients to use to view their surgical results before undergoing operations. Moreover, he also provides a line of high-quality skin care products that target dark circles and aging skin.

Having been in the practice of plastic surgery for a period of 11-20 years, Dr. Jejurikar has had the privilege to develop affiliations with hospitals in the Dallas, Texas region including the Pine Creek Medical Center, the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, and the Dallas Medical Center. Furthermore, in addition to practicing his skills in office, Dr. Jejurikar takes the time to volunteer his services to assist less fortunate children. He became an active member of Smile Bangladesh that provides him the opportunity to participate in several medical missions to the country to provide medical assistance to the children there.

Guilherme Paulus: Transforming Brazil’s Tourism Industry

For more than a decade, Guilherme Paulus has established a strong business portfolio in the industry of tours and travel through his extensive entrepreneurial ventures, executive leadership, in addition to the passion for helping clients to access important travel products and services.

Through his extended experience in transforming the landscape of the industry, Guilherme Paulus has developed his firm into an international brand that has earned him various accolades from the local community.

Guilherme’s Input in Tourism

Guilherme Paulus has worked hard to ensure that he has a strong, admirable reputation as an entrepreneur. That’s why in 2017, he bagged The Entrepreneur of The Year Award by the government following his commitment to creating job opportunities for people. The same year, Paulus was featured in a tourism magazine as the Personality of The Year Award winner to recognize him for his leading role in changing the country’s tourism sector. Over the years, Guilherme Paulus has committed his talents in the tourism industry to grow the industry after taking a leadership role in ensuring that people from low-income families access high-quality travel products and services. Paulus has also implemented policies to ensure that the brand is vastly developing across the country.

Founding CVC Brasil

CVC Brasil was founded by Guilherme Paulus and Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who financed the establishment of the company. Today, the company provides local and foreign packages including cruises, resort stays, and accommodations. Under Guilherme’s leadership still, the company provides ground transportation, travel insurance, and tourists guide for clients regardless of their low levels of income. At the same time, CVC Brasil has been on the lead of providing affordable tour services and products.


In 2009, Paulus sold CVC Brasil to the Carlyle Group, but he retained part of the shares. In 2013, he the company was listed on the stock exchange. Their current annual revenue is about $5 billion. They have a significant presence in more than 90 stores in Brazil. The current plan entails having 2,000 stores in the next two years. Having partnered with Omni Channel to integrate the firm’s online presence in various offline stores.

Malcolm CasSelle the Mastermind Behind the success of Wax

Malcolm CasSelle the Mastermind Behind the success of Wax

The online business market has grown immensely over the years and it is now worth billions of money. In fact, the net worth for such a business platform is incomparable and it is a great digital asset for many avid online gamers. Digital networks have over the years grown at a rapid rate thanks to the advent of the internet and a high rise in the number of people relying on the digital trading realm. Among these digital network platforms, Wax stands as one of the best in the world.

Wax is a regionalized exchange platform that has provided many digital network users with a means to solve trading woes. It is one of the leading online trading platforms in the world and it has made great efforts in making the online trading platform reliable and secure. This online trading platform has been a success thanks to its developer’s efforts to consolidate the markets that spread out worldwide.

Anyone can access the internet and gamers in the platforms are well acquainted in all that takes place in the industry. It is also easy for gamers to access the platform and communicate with each other. Thanks to Wax blockchain security, it is not easy to get hold of or access transactions made online. Through this online trading platform, users are not charged any currency exchange fees and can trade without any qualms.

The task force spearheading the success of Wax include Malcolm CasSelle who is the president, William Quigley the venture capitalist as well as by Jonathan Yantis who is responsible for virtual asset trading. CasSelle is a reputed digital entrepreneur and also a well-known expert in cryptocurrency. He is one of the founders of OPSkins, a widely known website that accepts bitcoins.

The success of Wax can be attributed to the introduction of Wax tokens and its secure means of disseminating power within the system. Users of this platform are able to excel in their endeavours by sharing these tokens. They are then given votes depending on the number of tokens one owns. Malcolm CasSelle has been a driving force and mastermind behind the success of this online trading platform that many users enjoy today.

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