Cotemar Mexico: excellence through sustainable and quality service on the sea

Mexico is considered as a land of unexplored opportunities, and there are many organizations who are working here. It has multiple emergent sectors among which energy, oil, and Maritimes are the most prominent ones with a number of companies that employs thousands of employees and brings billions to the economy. Among those companies, Cotemar Mexico is without any doubt, the leading one specializing in Petroleum Services, Maritime Services, Offshore Maintenance, Specialized Ships, and Offshore construction. It’s amazing success over the years, has brought a silent revolution to the Mexican petroleum industry and they were also mentioned for this in dominant news media including CNN.

Cotemar Mexico is a dynamic company with a focused dedication to oil industry, and it provides a wide range of crucial services to keep the petroleum sector up and running. Their services include but do not limit to developing offshore oil fields as well as maintenance and construction services. They also provide integral services to operations of marine support that includes food and lodging as well as transportation of staff and materials. For this purpose, they have a huge fleet of specialized vessels on Indeed. It is a 100% Mexican company that started it journey in 1979 and within this time, it has become one of the largest companies in the country.

Initially, Cotemar Mexico was formed as a service company that would cater to the energy sector in the beginning at But within time, they expanded their services and operations to other areas which made them one of the leading service companies in this sector. Currently, they provide quality services to some prominent companies including Petroleos Mexicanos. But this not the end of Cotemar Mexico. They are now working to incorporate better process equipment and indicators, a competitive staff and high-performance business model on to ensure an excellent service standard. They have a specific focus on Construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering as well as Food and Lodging Services.

To ensure their excellent service quality, Cotemar always focuses on developing a world-class workforce on This is why; they have partnered with some of the key players in the industry to source the best staff. They also have a robust training and development program that equips the staff with the latest competencies. Working at Cotemar Mexico is truly a unique opportunity as it provides a challenging environment which is both enlightening and rewarding at the same time.

Magnises and the Man behind this Brilliant Idea

“Magnises” a word with no real meaning or subtle translation but to Billy McFarland, the title appeared bold and fitting to his latest brilliant idea and he was right!

A social club of sorts, Magnises is a benefits platform aimed at bringing those millennials together whose paths would not normally otherwise cross due to the varying differences in their professions.

Billy McFarland’s idea may seem a bit revolutionary and I guess to some degree it is but the concept is quite simple actually. McFarland created a platform where its members are exposed to great deals, special events and even surprise benefits that strike a particular appeal to its membership demographic, all provided through negotiated partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all parties.

For example, for a relatively modest annual membership fee you might happen to be dining at a Magnises partner’s restaurant and be surprised with a complementary bottle of wine or as a member you might be invited to an exclusive Magnises mixer.

There is exclusivity to Magnises as well. Membership is not automatic and there is said to be a waiting list for many of the application which have received preliminary approval.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland insists that a strict profile criteria of its members must be maintain to ensure that the level of enthusiasm for Magnises never diminishes.

Magnises is not McFarland’s first homerun however, he’s been hitting business successes since as early as age 13. It was at that young age the he created a service that matched websites to designers.

McFarland’s first major success story could not be put on hold long enough for him to finish college. The idea was so compelling to him that the 19 year old entrepreneur dropped out near the end of his freshman year to found Spling.

Spling was a tech driven ad platform aimed at assisting brands to improve their media presence through the optimization of their content presentation. The concept was not really new but McFarland clearly had what it took to put together a sellable package and raise the capital necessary to get Spling off the ground. And in 2001, as founder and CEO, Spling was officially launched, proving that it is as much about the execution as it is the concept.

Billy McFarland and Magnises are two success stories that have most certainly captured the right people’s attention. Chic Metropolitan Magazine calls McFarland “The Money Man for Millennials” and Bloomberg has labeled him a “Mastermind”.