Norman Pattiz: Broadcasting Giant

An announcement was made in December of 2016 by Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne’s founder and Executive Chairman. The nation’s biggest advertiser-supported podcast network is adding a new podcast called Beyond the Darkness. This paranormal podcast will be the newest show on Chris Jericho’s podcast network.



Beyond the Darkness will feature conversations that are both entertaining and enlightening. These conversations with feature world-renowned experiences and researchers who will challenge everything listeners think they know about angels, demons, ghosts, aliens, miracles, and mysteries. Beyond the Darkness will be hosted by radio producer Tim Dennis and author Dave Schrader. New episodes of the podcast will air every Monday on the PodcastOne app, iTunes, and at



Pattiz is excited about the new podcast, as Chris Jericho has already claimed a spot as one of the jewels of the PodcastOne network. He knew that the Chris Jericho network would span beyond wrestling, and it has. Chris Jericho has delivered comedians to listeners and now he will be delivering them paranormal entertainment with Beyond the Darkness.



Founder of PodcastOne isn’t the only one who is excited about the new podcast however. Chris Jericho is thrilled to give his listeners a bit of the paranormal with Beyond the Darkness. The hosts of the show will bring with them a massive fanbase and deliver a spectacular show.



PodcastOne’s network currently has over 200 podcasts hosted by people like Chris Jericho, Dr. Drew, Penn Jillette, Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, and Adam Carolla.



Norman Pattiz is known for being a broadcasting giant, a National Radio Hall of Fame inductee, and founder of Courtside Entertainment Group. He was elected by two presidents to sit on the board of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, an organization that oversees all of the country’s nonmilitary broadcasting services.



He is also the founder of Alhurra, a U.S.-based satellite channel which is broadcasted in 22 countries across the Middle East, sponsored by the American government. He is an avid supporter of the Democratic Party and is a member of the national board of the Israel Policy Forum.



In 2010, he established the Courtside Entertainment Group. This group produces and funds programming for broadcast and online distribution. The company’s firm for advertising sales is PodcastOne Sales. Courtside Entertainment Group is also the mother company of PodcastOne, the country’s leading advertiser-supported podcast network. Norman Pattiz even founded Westwood One, a radio industry giant that became the country’s largest radio network.


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Adam Milstein In An Interview With Ideamensch

Adam Milstein has quite a unique story as a former soldier in the Israeli army, and as co-founder of Hager Pacific Properties and the Milstein Foundation. His work in both business and philanthropy has touched many lives, and he became recognized in the Jerusalem Post as one of the top 50 most influential Jews in the world.

Adam Milstein sat down with Ideamensch, an independent business news and blog to discuss his career and the things that drive him. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

Adam Milstein has said that the person who has influenced him the most is his partner, David Hager because he described him as a deep thinker, visionary and brilliant psychologist. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Adam doesn’t believe in setting specific goals but rather to just do the best in any situation that comes and to just keep pushing for success.

His favorite book is And the Good News Is … by Fox News contributor and former advisor to President Bush’s administration, Dana Perino. Adam’s favorite software to use is Constant Contact, and the best $100 he’s spent is on dinner with his family.

According to a report by Business Wire, Adam Milstein is from Israel and is the oldest of three sons. His parents both immigrated to Israel not long after it was established in 1948 and his father fought in the opening war of independence. Adam also fought in the Israeli armed forces during the Yom Kippur War of 1973 where he served under future Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

He married Gila Elgrably after returning home from the war, and began his career in real estate after he graduated from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology in 1978. After working with his father for a few years, he went to USC to complete his MBA.

Adam Milstein wasn’t too thrilled with his job prospects when business executives started approaching him at USC, so he decided to start his own real estate investment and brokerage group. So he and David Hager formed Hager Pacific Properties where Adam still serves as Managing Partner.

Adam has dedicated a lot of resources to the Jewish American community and pro-Israel groups through the Milstein Foundation, and he and his wife promote the Hebrew language through Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

Why the Securus Video Visitation technology is beneficial

The festive season is all about bringing families together. There is so much that goes on during this season, starting from the huge family get-togethers, and the expenses for the festivities to the expensive Christmas gifts. We can all ascertain the fact that to some extent, the festive season can be quite hectic. Can you imagine having an added responsibility of having to visit a loved one in prison? I feel that these are some hassles that you do not have to deal with especially during the festive season.


The good news is that this no longer has to be a worry. A company called Securus has come up with a video visitation technology which makes it possible for the family to keep in touch with their incarcerated family member from the comfort of their home. Not only are these video visitation services straightforward and easy to use, but they are also very secure.


I feel that this technology is going to provide a whole new experience for families. It is now possible for an inmate to unite with the entire family instantly. Normally, there is a limited number of family members who are allowed to visit an inmate at once. With this revolutionary technology by secures, the inmate can catch up with all family members especially during this crucial season of festivities.


Another benefit to reap prom the prison visitation technology by Securus is that the family gets to cut on costs and save time. The long and expensive round trips to prison are no longer necessary. It is a significant benefit especially during the festive season when the family has other expenses to handle. Besides, the long periods spent on the waiting bay when visiting your loved one are no longer necessary.


If there is a time when the Securus video visitation would come in handy, then this has to be during the festive season. I love that you can now instantly and securely connect with your loved one at any time and place. You can now keep your worry about incurring extra costs at bay. Besides, the fact that you can use the video visitation technology from anywhere means that it is now possible for your loved one to catch up with any new developments at home. I feel that this technology makes it possible to let the inmate feel that they are still a part of the family. All these benefits are now yours for the take, thanks to Securus.