Doe Deere and Lime Crime: A Perfect Match

In need of vivid and bright makeup but can’t find it? Lime Crime Cosmetics is the place to look where even the name suggests that it should be illegal to have such bright and vivid colors available. The company was founded in 2008 by Doe Deere who is the current CEO of the enterprise.

Deere was born in Russia but was raised in New York City with her family. She has a background in clothes, design, and even once worked at an insurance company which she hated. Today, her focus is on bringing animal-friendly, colorful, and vivid makeup to life.

Lime Crime was certified as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny which is well-known. This certification means that the entire line of cosmetics is vegan (animal byproducts free). This title has to be earned, and Lime Crime has worked hard to achieve this status.

She is a firm believer in trusting her gut. She says she always follows her gut when it comes to business and she has created an international cosmetic brand. She also believes in treating people with love and respect and uses positive reinforcement to make her company successful.

Deere says that customer trust is an important concept to achieve greatness. Lime Crime has centered their website on Customer Service. The site contains a FAQs section to help customers with any questions. If a customer cannot find what they need there, Lime Crime has a call center which answers live phone calls and emails.

Doe Deere created a liquid to matte lipstick that is transfer proof, stays on, and doesn’t crumb which is a new item for the market. She is always thinking of the future and continues to work daily in the labs to create new products.

Believing lipstick could be sold online; Deere wanted to change the approach to selling cosmetics online. Traditionally, lipstick was shown as a swipe on a white sheet of paper. Women did not like this and continued to go to a brick and mortar store to try on the lipstick.

This loss of sales was unacceptable to Deere, so her company started the on lip movement to show customers what the product would look like on actual lips.

This approach was soon copied by other companies because of its success. Lime Crime continues to try to be innovative when it comes to e-commerce. It will be interesting to see what new items originate from this amazing young woman in the future.


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