Customers Are Happy With Services Provided By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is now giving an open invitation to Facilities to visit their technology center. I was not surprised. This is because they are continuously providing technology that is completely able to revolutionize this incarceration environment. Securus Technologies is helping Facilities in improving their public safety this way.

There are a number of comments coming in from facility customers who are expressing happiness on using technology in order to solve crimes and even prevent them. This applies to the inmate-on-inmate crimes too.

This has become evident through the letters as well as email communications that are received from prison as well as jail officials all through the United States. These are from officials whose job is to prevent and solve crimes in order to make the incarceration environment safer and better.

Securus Technologies is continuously developing new products or services. In fact, every week they are coming out with something new. In know that this is aimed at helping law enforcement as well as corrections officials in solving and preventing crimes.

I am well aware that Securus Technologies is receiving thousands of letters as well as emails regarding what they are building and how it is helping to keep society and inmates, and their families, as well as parolees safe. In fact, I know that Securus Technologies is all about building safety. Their focus is on protecting and serving through all that they do.

I am aware of one comment from jail officials about how they got assistance on a case as they could get information from all the phone calls that had been made. Hence they could obtain a search warrant for that staff member whom they could prove to be corrupt. This resulted in the person getting arrested for introducing contraband. People look for more assistance like this.


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