Lori Senecal Success Story

Lori Senecal is the worldwide Chief Executive Officer at Crispin Porter and Bogusky. She graduated with a degree in Sales and Marketing from the university and has a vast knowledge of multinational account expertise, and skills in the area of analytical data.



Lori has innovative and influential leadership skills with an excellent ability to lead companies and organizations into a healthier state within a short span and bringing out the best in the people working around her and with her. The kbs+ is one of the success stories. Under her administration, the company graduated from a small-scale private company to a global corporation, with employee increase from two hundred and fifty to nine hundred.

In early 2003, she launched a young-adult marketing unit, the TAG Ideation. It won her the recognition of a branch of the McCann Worldwide Inc., the McCann Erikson Worldwide, where she later became a co-managing director. Recently, Lori has landed a leadership capacity at the CP+B Company where she is to spearhead the enlargement and development of international company offices.

Lori is always seeking and using new ideas, models and ways of doing business giving her company a sharp competitive edge. She fuels the entrepreneurial spirit of the organizations by putting key emphasis on innovation talents, consequently, initiating positive change and rapid growth.

She has gained prominent experience from working with many and diverse companies and firms. She has worked with renowned brands like the Applebee’s, Nestle, Xbox, and Staples among others. Lori has headed the Marketing Department at the DDB Worldwide Communications Group and has also been the Coca-Cola Global Accountant Officer. Additionally, Lori has worked at the MDC Partners Inc. as a Director and later as its CEO. In 2015, she was the Director of the Advertising Council, Inc.

Senecal career has been such a success something she has attributed to her upbringing, her family, and siblings who offered limitless motivation to achieve higher purposes in life. She has won many awards over the years like the Quantum Leap Award, the Most Creative People in Business recognition, and the Adweek’s Power 100 List. View her full profile on linkedin.com.




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