Drew Madden Questions How CVS And Amazon Can Teach Us About The Healthcare Industry At-Large

There is a question that has been burning in the mind of Drew Madden for some time. It has everything to do with how we look at the healthcare industry, and it has been something he has been wondering about. It is what a lesson like the current battle between Amazon and CVS can teach us about healthcare in general.

Drew Madden is someone who would be thinking about things like this as a healthcare IT entrepreneur himself. However, he also built up a lot of expert knowledge and experience that put him in a prime position to ask these types of questions in the first place.

The way he sees it, the healthcare industry in the United States has a lot of waste in it. Not only is the pricing system for procedures and the like way out of sink, there is also the matter of not getting the right people over to be served by the industry in the first place. Put another way, a lot of potential talent out there is being wasted because not enough people are encouraged to get into healthcare.

Perhaps CVS and Amazon battling it out is something that will discourage people even more. Then again, it may encourage some to want to take a job in the healthcare field as they see the potential for rising salaries all over the place. That is definitely something that will light up the eyes of some individuals.

For the time being we have a lot of problems that persist in healthcare. There is the reality for example that healthcare costs can be best controlled by bringing in a more fair pricing system. However, it is not yet clear if there is going to be enough popular support for that kind of proposal. Perhaps at the moment the best hope that we do have is that Amazon and CVS go at each other in a big way and encourage more competition and more people taking an interest in the industry. That may be the best hope that we have for this entire healthcare mess that we find ourselves in.

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The Team At Southridge Capital Explains Just What Bitcoin Is

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm that can be found in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Since 1996 they have offered both securities brokerage and investment banking services to their clients. The team at Southridge recently released an article talking about Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency industry. As they point out even though Bitcoin has been around for a decade it is still a riddle wrapped up in an enigma for most people.

The most basic explanation of Bitcoin is that is a digital currency which has been programmed to be both anonymous and secure. It uses cryptography which turns something legible into something that is so complex that it is uncrackable by hackers. The software behind Bitcoin tracks the purchases and transfers of this digital currency that are performed, keeping a type of online ledger. The programming for what backs up Bitcoin originate from World War II and the need for ways to securely transmit information around the world.

Southridge Capital is led by Stephen M. Hicks, its chief executive officer and founding principal. His role is to manage the strategies of this company, do business development, and see that it is properly executed. He has been in the financial industry for more than 30 years and is regarded as an expert when it comes to investment banking, financial structuring, risk arbitrage, and derivatives. He earned his bachelor’s degree at King’s College in the state of New York and also attended Fordham University where he earned his MBA. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Stephen Hicks was working for a hedge fund business when the person who owned it decided to move to Australia and unwind the hedge fund. This process was going to take a year during which time Hicks continued to work for him. However, it also gave him the time he needed to start his own hedge fund which resulted in his founding Southridge Capital. He says he now spends his workday by first reviewing his company’s portfolio and then writing down his own daily goals as well as those of his staff. He spends the rest of the day trying to find new opportunities as well as making sure that his present investments are going the way he wants them to. You can visit their Facebook page.



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