David Mcdonald, OSI Group President

OSI Group is an international company that deals with value-added protein foodstuffs such as beef patties sausage links as well as pizza and sandwiches being a major supplier to leading food companies. The OSI Group headquarters are based in Aurora, Illinois. The company boasts of over 50 branches in 17 nations. The corporation supplies renowned companies such as McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Starbucks, Burger King, Subway, and Yum.Close to two decades, the OSI Group also has been operating business in China. Current, the firm is on a growth course. In China, the company operates eight facilities. Having two factories underway, the OSI group is set to become the largest poultry supplier in the country.

According to McDonald , the business has made substantial steps in poultry products production within the Chinese market. This includes the launching of DaOSI, which is a joint-venture company with the DOYOO Group, as the firm’s third poultry operation.David speculates that the OSI Group has realized notable progress in its production and processing departments. These include the launching of a new beef processing facility located in Poland, a modern feed mill situated in Shandong Province and state of the art frozen foods processing facility in India.Other major developments the company has made include penetrating various markets such as Geneva and Hungary.

Equipped with broad experience in government set regulations, client’ taste, cultural nuances and talent pool, the OSI Group has constantly provided its customers with high quality products and services. Mr. David McDonald, the corporation’s president, has created a global network with internal firms and teams across the world. The CEO, David McDonald has made sure that every area office’s management group has a proper understanding of the tastes and the cultures of the local community.David McDonald acts as the COO of the OSI Group, where he chairs the board of directors.The respected corporate leader is a graduate of the Lowa State University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. David McDonald believes that providing more quality products and services to clients is not only important to production capacity, but it also enhances product development.

Adam Milstein Optimistic About The Future Of Jewish People

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein says he is more optimistic than ever about the future of Israel, Jewish people in America and Jewry around the world. He says history proves that when Jews have faced the most daunting challenges, inspiring and forceful leaders have always arisen to meet those challenges head on — and they win.

Adam Milstein knows something about facing enormous odds and fighting your way through adversity. At age 19 he entered into military service with Israeli Military Forces and fought in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Milstein was with the forces of General Ariel Sharon in one of the most hard-fought battles of the 20th Century, the Israeli counterattack into Egypt.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa in 1952. Both his parents were immigrants to the newly minted State of Israel in 1948. His father hailed from Argentina and his mother from Mexico. Both wanted to join in the building of a new Jewish nation.

After the war, Adam Milstein completed his education at the Technion. He then made the fantastically difficult decision to immigrate to the United States. He and his young wife, Gila, arrived on American shores in 1981. The desperately homesick couple dealt with the pain of leaving their beloved homeland by getting down to work.

Adam Milstein entered the field of real estate development and worked his way steadily up the ladder of success. Leveraging his MBA from the University of Southern California, he applied his natural acumen for business and a desire to build something better. Today he is a managing partner in one of the nation’s premier investment firms, Hager Pacific Properties of California.

Success in business for Adam Milstein was a vehicle to support that which he truly cared about — the state of Israel, his adopted country of America and people of Jewish heritage around the world. Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council in 2007. This organization which supports Jewish-American-Israeli people has grown into the largest organization of its kind. The IAC has had enormous impact in improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jewish people globally.


Betsy Devos and the Educational Choice Movement

Dick and Betsy DeVos are receiving quite a bit of public scrutiny for their political donations in the name of philanthropy, accumulating over $139 million over their time in office. This power couple for the Republican party has just given out $11.6 million to charity, which is stated on the DeVos Family Foundation website. The high-profile Republican couple has been active in political campaigns for decades: It began with Rich DeVos, the co-founder of Amway.


The DeVos family has ranked in 24th place on Forbes’ list of “America’s Top Givers“, donating out $104 million in fundraising efforts. It’s estimated that they have given away up to $1.33 billion of their fortune towards educational reform and religious organizations. Their priority rests on making vouchers and charter schools more accessible to people living in developing neighborhoods. They are aware of the failing public school system and why it should be treated as a civil issue.


Their critics insist that money spent on charter schools should be directed towards improving the conditions of public schools instead. They point to the lack of information on who the 2015 charity recipients are. They consider the DeVos’ contributions as a front for fueling a political agenda due to all the charter schools being for-profit. But, this sentiment is held mostly by those in the Michigan Democratic Party. At the very least, the DeVos are showing their transparency about where Michigan’s tax dollars are being spent.


Fortunately, there is a way to break down the DeVos foundation’s tax records, which reveal the major beneficiaries in 2013, including the Compass College of Cinematic Arts and Potter’s House in Wyoming. The DeVos explain that they are not trying to distract the public away from their political cause. In fact, the schools they support are known for pushing academic rigor and personal accountability. Moreover, they managed to attract famous speakers to fundraising events for the West Michigan Aviation Academy, producing several licensed pilots and aerospace engineers.


The Devos’ were also fixated on expanding fine arts and culture. They were able to improve the business side of arts organizations. On top of that, they allocated funds towards public policy, health and human services, and churches. The Devos couple prefers to focus on specific causes such as research on neuroblastoma or leadership development for Chicago’s Willow Creek church. They wanted to emphasize family values and as such, they are asking their children for advice on which charities need help the most.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

The Becoming of Richard Liu and his E-Commerce Company: JD.com

Richard Liu Qiangdong is now one of the best businessmen that lives in our lifetime. With a superpower, high traffic e-commerce site called JD.com. With this marvelous e-commerce site, his years of irreplaceable experience, grit and his genius mind – he has built his net worth way off the roof at over a whopping amount of 12.7 billion dollars, at this rate JD.com is just surging up and up the stock market ladder.

You cannot name a business that sold millions and millions of its product and made it on the hundreds of thousands of multiples in their net revenue in the first few days – because Like every other business, it needs work, effort, time and the proper guidance. Richard Liu Qiangdong has a lot of experience in the field of business – growing in a family of business men and women (though not all are successful), there are a lot of valuable knowledge, tips and tricks, and exquisite strategies that can be picked up on years and years of legacy left by a family of business men and women. But then again, business is not entirely about being business minded, it’s about being an all around character and Richard Liu is exactly just that. He has a degree on sociology,and has finished his Executive Master’s on Business Administration – but all of these were being done while Richard Liu was also self- teaching on programming on the computer. Nothing like self-progress!

JD.com was a product of a series of unfortunate events – contrary to popular belief. Richard Liu’s family, though involved with a lot of businesses, wasn’t that successful and financially capable. When Richard was growing up, his grand mother became sick and his family was not able to afford the proper healthcare and buy the prescribed medicine. And when he was building his brick and mortar stores upwards, the SARS outbreak happened, physical interaction was avoided because of the viral nature of SARS, and this resulted into the closing of all his physical stores and this gave birth to his e-commerce business which grew to what it is now. Talk about travesty to treasure, right?

Learn more about Liu :  https://variety.com/exec/richard-liu/

Essential Information On Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is a professional geologist that would like to share some very important information with those that are interested in investing and expanding their financial horizons. Literally, thousands of people have watched his video Freedom Checks. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion over the exact meaning of Freedom Checks. Matt Badiali shares that he was conflicted over sharing this secret with others, but eventually decided to go forward with revealing the nature of the checks. Generally, people must sign up for the checks before more information is released. However, Badiali did share a few details recently.

Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter

The first step to learning more about Freedom Checks is to join Matt Badiali’s Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter. It’s not a big secret anymore. The Freedom Checks are payments from master limited partnerships. MLP’s are very important. They supply the investor with a very advantageous tax structure that limits taxes and prepares the investor for a much better financial future. Matt Badiali is a man with a close eye on investing and the financial market today. He states that there are hundreds of the MLP’s that are guaranteed to pay out to their investors amazing profits. Literally, billions of dollars each and every year.

Understanding The Basics

Of course, Matt Badialli agrees that most people are not familiar with this market and would like to know more before investing. Badialli states that he understands that attitude. It’s taken him several years to really understand the market, but he would like to share basic knowledge with potential investors. MLP’s are connected with the gas and oil industry in this country and across the world. What is the main advantage of investing in this market? Well, it’s quite simple. MLP’s are not required to pay corporate taxes. This means that more money is shared with investors. This type of investment carries low risk and produces long term income too.

Those that get in on the ground floor will receive the best benefits from this program. Now, is the perfect time to learn more about Freedom Checks and all the benefits that they provide to investors.

Freedom Checks’s Facebook Page.

Ted Bauman: Take Caution In US Stocks

Many analysts have made predictions about the stock market crashing and so far, they have all been wrong. However, it is almost the longest bull market for US stocks in history and fear is beginning to grow that this bull market is about to come to a halt. Ted Bauman is a famous economist who feels there is a fifty percent chance of the stock market crashing soon. Mr. Bauman is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing who advises his subscribers to adopt a low-risk investing strategy. He earned his economics degree while living abroad. Much of his written work has been published in respected journals worldwide.

Ted Bauman advising his subscribers to take a defensive stance regarding their financial portfolios because he feels that eventually, the stock market is going to make a sharp decline.While the bulls still control the bears in the US stock market, about Ted Bauman, he is not alone in sounding the alarm about the current state of the US stock market. He uses the CAPE ratio to determine how undervalued or overvalued equities currently are. According to the ratio, the US stock market has only been more overvalued than it is now one time in history and it was during the dot.com bubble. If the ratio were to return to its fair value, the S&P 500 would lose close to forty percent of its value.

Another possible crash scenario for US equities that Ted Bauman believes could unfold is a repeat of the famous Black Monday. The stock market had its largest one-day decline in history and took everyone by surprise. The majority of traders freaked out and sold all their positions trying to preserve capital. This proved to be a bad decision because the stock market immediately bounced back in the coming weeks and those who did not panic made a ten percent rate of return. Ted Bauman feels that now is the best investment time for investors to focus more on preserving wealth rather than sky-high gains. He advises investors to hold bonds and to look for undervalued equities outside the US, such as Chinese equities.

CloudWick Will Securely Manage Your Data

CloudWick is located in Silicon Valley, in the San Francisco Bay area of CA. They provide big data services and intuitive solutions to many of the Global 1000. The firm was founded in 2011. Their additional categories of expertise include analytics,  predictive analytics, and professional consulting services. The company is a privately hbusiness intelligence,eld digital enterprise, and it is a leader in the industry.

The CloudWick line of products include bimodal business transformation and CloudWick one. Additionally, they feature CDAP which stores and manages events from the reporting analyzers of netflow, proxy, syslog, and firewall logs. They manage in excess of 50,000 big data as a service clusters on the AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud. With their experience and capability to architect and manage Data Lakes, clients are free to focus their time and efforts on other areas of their business.

There are benefits to the client when using a Data Lake on Amazon’s web service with the firm. The clients enjoy the convenient method to access and to quickly receive highly accurate analytical insight with CloudWick’s Advanced Analytics Data Lake Jumpstart solution. It also makes it easy for the user to move a workload and architect a Data Lake. The company is known for its repeatable three step methodology for large big data migrations.

They have built a trust with their clients as they provide them with a simplified solution to managing data. The experts at Cloudwick spend the time to understand the goals of the client and partners with them to make them attainable. They have experience with managing Hadoop, Spark services, and Cassandra.

In addition to their international headquarters in CA, the company maintains branch offices throughout the world. Their global customers are well-served by the company offices in the United Kingdom, India, and Scotland. The company is recognized for its commitment to excellence by helping their clients with the tasks of data governance, security, and analytics that are customized to their specific needs.


JD.Com Game Changing Plan to China’s Logistics Industry

China is a country on the move. The latest development by the country’s e-commerce giant JD.com will have you agreeing to this fact; underground parcel delivery for urban cities. Yes. Amidst the noise coming from Tesla Motors plan to construct underground freight transport tunnels; the Chinese e-commerce giant is set to make things work in their favor and the good news is that they have their plans set out.Announcing JD.com business plans in Beijing at the 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Summit, JD.com disclosed that it will be launching an “Urban Smart Logistics Institute” to this effect. Among other duties, this institute will be responsible for coming up with the plans for the logistics hub, designing top-level designs for the logistics systems and designing and developing cloud computing and data management platforms.

To help actualize this plan, the institute will host prominent academic and business figures from Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation at the National Development and Reform Commission, Sinotrans & CSC, Beijing Jiaotong University, Shanghai Maritime University, Beijing Wuzi University and Nankai University. Successful retailer JD.com before designing and developing the systems, these experts will be tasked with establishing whether the subterranean logistics systems can use the underground tracks and the assimilated municipal pipe corridors.If JD.com underground freight plan seeks to help China attain the status of a smart city since this plan will see it optimally utilize its space and also reduce pollution.

Its no brainer that freight vehicles contribute heavily to the already full road capacity at least by a third going by JD.com research.Consequently the emissions both noise and gases negatively affect the environment. By successfully implementing this plan, JD.com will help China save on its urban space.Though to many this plan by Jingdong seems impossible, by all regards the company is working towards making it a successful online business. For the past few years, Jingdong has had its hands around a number of ambitious projects which have been fully implemented including fully automated stores and warehouses delivery robots to name but a few. Even with this new addition, a lot of people are counting on JD.com to pull it off and with much ease.

Steam Energy, a Textbook Example of Philanthropy in Business

Steam Energy is a direct energy selling company based in Dallas, United States. The company was founded in 2005 and provides innovative energy solutions to domestic and commercial clients in several states including Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and New York. The stream offers three forms of energy: natural gas, electric, and clean energy like wind, solar and, hydro-power.

Steam Energy has also expanded its variety of unique custom-made services to include wireless energy services, with an extensive data arrangement. The company also offers protective services to protect its customers from the downs of the digital world like theft protection, Virtual MD, and roadside assistance. Additionally, the stream provides an exceptional home service that links their customer’s smartphones to their homes. Through this service, the customers can virtually reach their homes, no matter the distance.

Besides providing its services with affordable, healthier and sustainable energy solutions, Stream energy has also embarked on charitable activities as part of its corporate social responsibility. To the company, giving back to the society is at the core of the company’s mission. This aspect has set the Steam apart from other companies, which casually engage in charitable work to cover up a scandal. For the Stream, giving is part of leadership in business.

To actualize its plan, the Stream Energy recently launched its charitable arm, which it dubbed The Stream Cares Foundation. The foundation was a joint effort by the management and the workers of the company. In the recent past, the Stream Cares has partnered with other philanthropic organizations to help the needy in the hour of need.

One such signature partnership was in 2016 when Stream Cares partnered with the Salvation Army to help out the victims of a tornado in Texas. Stream Energy generously contributed to assist in rebuilding the homes devastated by the storm. The Stream, in collaboration with its associates, raised several thousand dollars to support the cause. Additionally, the company rallied its workers to assist in the provision of the much-needed labor.

Currently, Stream Energy has partnered with the Hope Supply Co. to provide needy children and homes with basic supplies like clothing, diapers, and school supplies. The partnership is more than five years old.


The Future Of Brazil According To Felipe Montoro Jens

Brazil’s crippling economy has proven an unsettling topic for this waning nation. While the country is all too familiar with periods of economic woe, the current state they’re in is dire. In an effort to illustrate Brazil’s severe condition, the National Confederation of Industry released a report with alarming statistics. Said figures related to Brazil’s infrastructure projects. The study revealed that Brazil terminated 517 infrastructure jobs just last year. Of those 517 jobs, 447 were basic sanitation works. Additional projects that were never successfully executed include railways, highways, education facilities, sports complexes, ports, and waterways. Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

Not surprisingly, Brazil’s rapidly declining infrastructure hasn’t bode well for their economy. In fact, Brazil’s economy is in such need of rejuvenation that economists foresee an imminent downfall if the country doesn’t implement long overdue change. Said specialists include Felipe Montoro Jens, Jose Augusto Fernandes, and Ilana Ferreira. Felipe Montoro Jens is perhaps the most invested in Brazil’s ongoing issues. In the hopes of pinpointing which areas need improvement, Jens scrutinized Brazil’s operations. His findings concluded that the following fields demand refinement: finances, land, technology, staff, and micro planning. Unfortunately, Brazil is susceptible to irrevocable damage if they don’t make wholehearted efforts to rework for their systems.

Above all else, Jens is wholly concerned with Brazil’s micro planning procedures. Ferreira concurs, stating that “these poor quality works reflect poor planning.” Brazil’s haphazard approach to infrastructure bespeaks their lamentable negligence. Fernandes volunteered his sentiments as well, claiming that Brazil is seemingly incapable of learning from their prior missteps. Given the severity of Brazil’s fiasco, Jens, Fernandes, and Ferreira are all but begging Brazil to institute reform. However, Brazil’s actions have yet to inspire confidence. As time progresses, Brazil will experience colossal failure if they don’t get the ball rolling on implementing change.

Learn more: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-a-historia-do-processo-de-privatizacao-no-brasil,4d1cfee159791826fd7c00be88ff5defx4uhd4g6.html