JD.Com Game Changing Plan to China’s Logistics Industry

China is a country on the move. The latest development by the country’s e-commerce giant JD.com will have you agreeing to this fact; underground parcel delivery for urban cities. Yes. Amidst the noise coming from Tesla Motors plan to construct underground freight transport tunnels; the Chinese e-commerce giant is set to make things work in their favor and the good news is that they have their plans set out.Announcing JD.com business plans in Beijing at the 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Summit, JD.com disclosed that it will be launching an “Urban Smart Logistics Institute” to this effect. Among other duties, this institute will be responsible for coming up with the plans for the logistics hub, designing top-level designs for the logistics systems and designing and developing cloud computing and data management platforms.

To help actualize this plan, the institute will host prominent academic and business figures from Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation at the National Development and Reform Commission, Sinotrans & CSC, Beijing Jiaotong University, Shanghai Maritime University, Beijing Wuzi University and Nankai University. Successful retailer JD.com before designing and developing the systems, these experts will be tasked with establishing whether the subterranean logistics systems can use the underground tracks and the assimilated municipal pipe corridors.If JD.com underground freight plan seeks to help China attain the status of a smart city since this plan will see it optimally utilize its space and also reduce pollution.

Its no brainer that freight vehicles contribute heavily to the already full road capacity at least by a third going by JD.com research.Consequently the emissions both noise and gases negatively affect the environment. By successfully implementing this plan, JD.com will help China save on its urban space.Though to many this plan by Jingdong seems impossible, by all regards the company is working towards making it a successful online business. For the past few years, Jingdong has had its hands around a number of ambitious projects which have been fully implemented including fully automated stores and warehouses delivery robots to name but a few. Even with this new addition, a lot of people are counting on JD.com to pull it off and with much ease.

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