Jacob Gottlieb Is The Founder Of Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful businessman and entrepreneur that is well-known throughout the industry for his contributions to healthcare and his philanthropic work. He is the founder of Visium Asset Management and now Altium Capital as well. Altium Capital has a specific focus on the healthcare industry and will begin investing in the coming months. Jacob Gottlieb earned his CFA shortly after earning his medical degree from the New York School of Medicine. Although he didn’t stick with it, Jacob initially went for a career in the healthcare industry, which is why Altium Capital is going to focus on that sector as well.

Along with his focus on the healthcare industry as an investor, Jacob is also investing in philanthropy on a regular basis. For many years now, Jacob has personally contributed to a variety of charities around his state, both in money and time. Jacob grew up in New York, so he wants to see it flourish just like anyone else living in the area, especially his hometown. Jacob invests into local non-profit organizations and projects all of the time and in particular, he is fond of the Robin Hood Foundation, Covenant House, New Yorkers for Children, and the Harlem Tutorial Program. These organizations help build a better community through more education opportunities as well as helping those facing homelessness and other missing aspects of decent quality of life.

Along with Visium Asset Management and Altium Capital, Jacob Gottlieb has played a major role at several other companies in the past. He co-founded Balyasny Asset Management, he even worked for several years as an analyst for the company Sanford Bernstein and he even worked as an executive for Merlin BioMed in charge of portfolio management for a few years. These days, Jacob’s focus is on getting Altium started and being active in his own community through philanthropic contributions.

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