Steve Ritchie

As part of his efforts to bring the Papa John’s franchise back on top, CEO Steve Ritchie has focused his efforts on bringing more inclusiveness to the business. Sales numbers for the first half of 2018 showcase just what has happened for the pizza franchise since Steve Ritchie has taken control.

Sales dropped over 6 percent by the beginning of July and over 10 percent by the end of July. Steve Ritchie has taken numerous steps to address the company’s declining sales figures. In addition to diversity training, these steps included touring several American cities gathering information from different restaurants to find out what additional issues needed to be addressed. Mr. Ritchie is also bringing experts into Papa Johns to help consult the company on how to move forward in regards to minority-owned franchises. Another goal for the company is to put a greater emphasis on helping out communities that have a Papa John’s franchise.

Steve Ritchie himself has been in the pizza business for quite some time. He talks about what his priorities are now that he has been promoted to the head of the company. Mr. Ritchie points to the company’s attempts at better diversity with a call at holding Papa John’s responsible for the changes. Papa John’s has also consulted with financial experts such as the Bank of America. These experts offer business advise and can estimate just how long they should expect a potential recovery to last.

Under Mr. Ritchie, Papa John’s has developed a new marketing campaign to highlight these positive new changes. He knows that they need to help returning customers see the new direction that the company is moving toward. In spite of the quarter losses, Steve Ritchie believes that with these positive new changes a hostile takeover can be averted. Under the leadership of their new CEO, Papa John’s seems to be heading in the right direction to regain their standing in the pizza market.

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