Matthew Fleeger’s Consistency At The Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger sits at the helm of the Gulf Coast Western managing venture firm. The firm was founded back in 1970 in Dallas, Texas. The concept of the firm was to tighten partnerships through the investors in the industry in order to combine the experiences, talents and resources.

The basics include educating the investors on realizing the benefits that can be accrued and the risks involved in the oil and gas exploration investments. The Gulf Coast Western is also involved with the immediate community with seven non-profit organizations and charities funded by the firm.

A defining moment of the Gulf Coast Western according to Matthew Fleeger was during the oil recession period. Matthew Fleeger revealed that it required the reevaluation of the different aspects of the business. It also led to finding ways used to cut overhead instead of massive layouts of the human resource.

Overcoming the brutal oil recession taught Matthew Fleeger the virtue of positive adversity especially during trying times. This was used to forecast on the better times ahead instead of anticipating losses during the oil recession.

Matthew Fleeger admits he had to hold communications with the employees to keep them from switching industries. The full picture of the commitment by Matthew Fleeger played a huge role in boosting the morale of the workers.

Before landing a role at the Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger was linked with various unrelated business ventures. The cyclical downturns that were part of the previous sectors helped build the faith in Matthew Fleeger. It reached an epitome moment when Matthew Fleeger had to dig deep into his personal cash reserves and other resources.

With the current boom under the Gulf Coast Western, the oil environment seems to have a positive outlook. With operations running efficiently and the flexibility to control the oil price, the firm is anticipating growth in the future.

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