Michael Nierenbergs Journey to the Helm of New Residential Corp

Michael Nierenberg is a big name in the real estate industry. He is at the helm of New Residential Corp, a real estate investment trust serving as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President at the company. He also serves as a Chairman at Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation. He held the position of a Managing Director at Fortress.

He has extensive experience in the real estate sector. He has served as a Managing Director and head of Global Mortgages as well as Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was in charge of all trading and sales activities within the division. He also spent some time working at JP Morgan as the head of Global Securitized Products and member of the management committee of the firm.

He worked at Bear Steams for fourteen years. At the company, some of the positions he held include head of interest rate and foreign exchange, co-head of structured products, and co-head of mortgage-backed securities trading. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of Bear Steams. Prior to Bear Steams, Michael Nierenberg worked for seven years at Lehman Brothers building the company’s adjustable rate mortgage business. He was promoted to sit on the company’s board of directors having demonstrated highest-level of skills, expertise knowledge and experience.

He is currently at the helm of New Residential Corp, a REIT that focuses on opportunistic investments as well as actively managing investments which are majorly in the residential real estate sector. It targets investments in the excess mortgage servicing rights, residential mortgage backed securities, residential mortgage loans and other opportunistic investments.

Michael Nierenberg is boosting New Residential Corp’s efforts to thrive in the residential housing market of the United States. The US residential market is worth approximately $19 trillion. There has been unfolding developments in the residential housing market that have created many investment opportunities. In the aftermath of the last financial crisis in the country, there have been a lot of transformations taking place that are bound to change how mortgages are owned, originated and serviced. The firm is always in the look for opportunities that will drive attractive risk adjusted returns and eventually, increase dividends to the company’s shareholders. New Residential Corp aims at long-term employ conservative capital structures as well as cash flows to generate more income throughout different interest environments.

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Agera Energy Gives Customers A Great Service For A Lower Price

Agera Energy was founded in 2014, and it came to be because the founders wanted to provide a different kind of energy service. It knew that it would be tough to find its place in the market, as there were already many services available, but Agera Energy knew that it needed to try.

And, it has separated itself from competitors by putting its customers first. Agera Energy knows that its customers need energy that they can rely on, whether they are an individual or a business, and it gives them that. Agera Energy works hard to give its customers lower-cost energy.

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If You Want To Run With The Bulls You Get Stansberry Research

We live in a rapidly changing world, and that has never seemed truer than in this moment. So it makes sense that the way we seek out our financial advice will change too. While the old model of offering financial advice works less and less with the next generation of investors, a new model is required to fit changing needs. Fortunately, there are some that have figured out what exactly those unique needs are.

Stansberry Research is one of them. Since 1999, this privately held, Baltimore, Maryland based company has been publishing high-quality investing insights and information on a subscription basis. This subscription-based service has a couple of advantages. For one, it is a more affordable option for most compared to the old fee-based system. With a smaller monthly subscription fee, investing insights become more accessible and up to date.

Another advantage is the relationships that are built between client and company. With monthly and bi-monthly newsletters, podcasts, and online investment resources, Stansberry Research obtains an open, trusted dialogue and information is available when it is time to make decisions.

Porter Stansberry, the founder, has gathered a team of some of the best editors, researchers and analysts to bring their subscribers timely information on a wide variety of topics from energy-sector investing, macroeconomic analysis, options trading, value-investing, and short-selling, as well as researching investments in biotech, natural resources, technology and medical technology.

Along with the newsletter, Stansberry Research has a plethora of information in their online Investor Resources and Education Center. Extensive and easy to navigate, the resources include a bookstore, investment glossary and, coming soon, an investor assessment tool.

With customer service and quality, actionable investment research at the forefront of what they do, all conveniently available on a subscription basis, it’s easy to get all the investing help needed to stay afloat in today’s volatile markets with Stansberry Research.

Sunday Riley, Botanical Virtuosity

Mother Nature’s powerful seed produces the Bioscience of health and beauty in plants, herbs, and botanicals. Sunday Riley has taken the cosmetic industry by storm; incorporating the unique qualities of plants and botanicals into the formulations of skin care products. Herbal properties enhance a person’s skin while balancing the qualities of what’s needed to create and maintain the overall health and wellness of this huge organ. Riley has tapped into the grandeur of what botanicals can produce: hormonal balance, combat aging, even skin tones, enhance beauty, etc… Plants from all over the world have unique and advanced benefits that are capable of producing dynamic results for skincare.

Matcha tea and Avocados are a couple of ingredients that have been introduced into products Sunday Riley has formulated in her cosmetics line. The Japanese culture has skin care regimens using superfoods that are effective for overall wellness and beauty for all ages. Riley discovered a highly effective ingredient for her skincare line, originating from Japan, Matcha green tea. It is quite effective for the health of skin and hair products. This tea is a powerhouse filled with properties that are treating dandruff and hair breakage. Riley’s Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner includes this dynamic tea for a smooth complexion resulting in youthful looking skin. The very nature of the avocados produces antioxidants and vitamins in the Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil. This night oil is creating immediate results that are by far powerful and effective. Matcha tea and Avocados, superfood ingredients that are indeed game changers.

Botanicals, plants, and herbs are currently game changers for the beauty industry. Riley has also included the ingredients seed oils into her line as well. Unrefined, cold-pressed seed oil is a staple component effectively benefitting the body inside out. Juno-Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil is a product from Riley’s cosmetic line that contains the purest of properties to intensify the skin’s radiant glow. This facial oil was formulated to restore moisture, protect from free radicals, provide vitamins, antioxidants, and essential amino acids to sustain the overall health of a person’s skin. Well known fruits that contain these beneficial cold-pressed oils include, but are not limited to, cranberry, blueberry, pomegranate, and raspberries.

Sunday Riley’s mission to formulate products effectively benefit a person’s need to enhance, supplement, sustain, and maintain the health of their skin is done with one thing in mind; a brand that says “Yes”. Focusing on the positive energies that ‘Yes’ can produce, Riley incorporates that energy into her mission to serve. Sunday Riley’s virtuous mission to make a statement incorporating botanicals in her cosmetic line supersedes the customary sacrifice to be beautiful. Her legendary inspiration and overall angelic state of mind have catapulted her product line to paramount significance. One that leads to the virtue of being unmatched and the staple component of the lives of many.

Agera Energy: Helping People Regain Control of Their Energy Consumption

A high percentage of most people income goes to electricity and gas consumptions. Although these two factors consume a huge portion of most people, understanding the consumption patterns is arguably one of the hardest tasks for any consumer. Fortunately, Agera Energy has been on a journey to challenge this reality through customized and futuristic technologies. Although the company has diverse products, each product is personalized, and this personalization of products challenges the status quo in energy consumption. Apart from being one of the first companies to bring efficiency in energy and gas consumption, Agera Energy is keen on providing efficiency products. Through the company’s two major areas, the future of energy production is bright.

Due to Agera Energy consistent to clean energy and sustainability path, it was the recipient of the famous Westchester Green Business in early 2016. This ward according to pundits is one of the highest recognition in the clean energy business.

Apart from offering the best services in the power and gas consumption, Agera Energy is also keen on improving the basic lies of its community. In line with providing a holistic approach to the consumer world, the company has come up with eco-friendly management solutions. The main reason why the company has been consistent in designing eco-friendly management solutions is that sustainability is one of the ways the company hopes to change the world. According to the official communications by the company, their new major project is wind energy, and the company hopes that this new project will be instrumental in its goal of clean energy.

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Igor Cornelsen Has An Impressive Grasp Of Brazilian Investing

Investing can be a highly complicated matter. At the same time, everyone needs to learn to invest in some way to fund a firm financial foundation. It takes a lot of effort to figure out the right way to invest. This is why so many people find it ideal to look for help to those understand the markets both in the United States and the markets in other parts of the world and understand them well. Someone who has spend many years studying investments and learning how to unlock their secrets is highly successful Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen. Many things underlie his success including his ability to grasp the future and his willingness to take well calculated risks. In addition to such qualities, he also brings in many years of hard experience in varied fields related to investing such as a background in engineering and construction as well as a grasp of the way corporations run.

Of particular note for Cornelsen has been to his ability to harness his personal background and use it to help generate an understanding of the markets. Cornelsen began to realize early in life that the Brazilian markets could be the total key to his success financially. As a native, he had a close up look at the markets here in person from birth. Since that time, his knowledge of the world of the Brazilian stock market has only continued to grow. He put his background to work and began to realize such power in his hand very early in life. As he grew up, his ability to invest well only continued to grow. Today, he continues to be someone who serves as an authority on the field of Brazilian markets. Many people have found him of use in developing their own Brazilian investment portfolio.

Matthew Fleeger’s Consistency At The Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger sits at the helm of the Gulf Coast Western managing venture firm. The firm was founded back in 1970 in Dallas, Texas. The concept of the firm was to tighten partnerships through the investors in the industry in order to combine the experiences, talents and resources.

The basics include educating the investors on realizing the benefits that can be accrued and the risks involved in the oil and gas exploration investments. The Gulf Coast Western is also involved with the immediate community with seven non-profit organizations and charities funded by the firm.

A defining moment of the Gulf Coast Western according to Matthew Fleeger was during the oil recession period. Matthew Fleeger revealed that it required the reevaluation of the different aspects of the business. It also led to finding ways used to cut overhead instead of massive layouts of the human resource.

Overcoming the brutal oil recession taught Matthew Fleeger the virtue of positive adversity especially during trying times. This was used to forecast on the better times ahead instead of anticipating losses during the oil recession.

Matthew Fleeger admits he had to hold communications with the employees to keep them from switching industries. The full picture of the commitment by Matthew Fleeger played a huge role in boosting the morale of the workers.

Before landing a role at the Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger was linked with various unrelated business ventures. The cyclical downturns that were part of the previous sectors helped build the faith in Matthew Fleeger. It reached an epitome moment when Matthew Fleeger had to dig deep into his personal cash reserves and other resources.

With the current boom under the Gulf Coast Western, the oil environment seems to have a positive outlook. With operations running efficiently and the flexibility to control the oil price, the firm is anticipating growth in the future.

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The achievements of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is the one who founded blockchain technologies, and he is the patent holder. He did so by the use of his innovation skills and software developer. The inventions that Serge has come up with in the past have all been instrumental when it comes to the financial sector. The one thing that people have credited him for is the implementation of the blockchain. The use of blockchain technologies is to offer the backbone in the creation of many cryptocurrencies.

For this particular innovation, he created the technology by making use of the smart cards that have micro-controllers on them. The smart cards will be able to make an independent transaction ledger. The people that make use of the blockchain is private individuals, banks and governments.

The technology will make the process of investments, deposits, and withdrawal much more comfortable because they can process a variety of process faster. Net1 CEO Serge Belamant to take early retirement.

Serge Belamant was born in 1953, and he is a French citizen. His better childhood years he spent them at France after moving to South Africa. After his high school, he joined Witwatersrand University at the age of 19 where he studied for his degree in engineering. However, after a while, he decided that he needed to change course and started studying for computer science and applied mathematics. At a very young age, Serge Belamant had already begun to display leadership skills.

Straight after his graduation at the university, he got his first job at Matrix which was a civil engineering company. The first assignment that he was given at the company was operating the small to medium-sized computers that were at the firm. While he was in charge of the computer department, he spent a lot of time planning for the PWV rood project.

After Serge Belamant moved to DATABANK that was where he introduced the scientifically driven financial system. The other one of his creation is the VIB. Serge earned the RSA computer society which was given to him after he came up with the 10 different steps of analyzing risks. He has received so many awards because of his numerous developments. During 1980 the Analyst of the year award was given to him. Also, the System’s Analyst of the Year award was given to him in 1982.

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Talkspace can help anyone, even an Olympic athlete

Talkspace is an online therapy app that allows people to speak with a licensed therapist all from their smartphone. One million people already use the service to talk to any of the thousands of therapists. Users are matched with someone who specializes in their specific problems like depression, anxiety, LGBT issues or Veteran’s issues.

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Hundreds of people use Talkspace including Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps. He recently shared his story and his struggle with anxiety and depression and encouraged others to seek help. Phelps said that he hopes that by sharing his story, others can feel confident getting the help they need with their mental health. Phelps said what happened to him can happen to anyone. In 2014 he began to feel hopeless, despite his great successes in life. He said he struggled with his own mental health and the decision to start talking to a therapist may have saved his life. He recalled sitting in his room or five days, wondering if he should go on living. Even though he has 28 Olympic medals, Phelps was still affected by these diseases. It goes to show you that it can happen to anyone and Talkspace is here to help.

Talkspace can also be a resource for people just looking to talk to someone about an issue. You may not be suffering from intense systems, but everyone can benefit from having someone listen to your worries. In recent years, mental health has come to the forefront of the worldwide dialogue and sources like Talkspace hope to help end the stigma around treatment. Talkspace has already helped more than one million people. The service is convenient, affordable and private. You can message, chat or video call with your therapist as much as you need to all form an app or computer.

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Steve Ritchie

As part of his efforts to bring the Papa John’s franchise back on top, CEO Steve Ritchie has focused his efforts on bringing more inclusiveness to the business. Sales numbers for the first half of 2018 showcase just what has happened for the pizza franchise since Steve Ritchie has taken control.

Sales dropped over 6 percent by the beginning of July and over 10 percent by the end of July. Steve Ritchie has taken numerous steps to address the company’s declining sales figures. In addition to diversity training, these steps included touring several American cities gathering information from different restaurants to find out what additional issues needed to be addressed. Mr. Ritchie is also bringing experts into Papa Johns to help consult the company on how to move forward in regards to minority-owned franchises. Another goal for the company is to put a greater emphasis on helping out communities that have a Papa John’s franchise.

Steve Ritchie himself has been in the pizza business for quite some time. He talks about what his priorities are now that he has been promoted to the head of the company. Mr. Ritchie points to the company’s attempts at better diversity with a call at holding Papa John’s responsible for the changes. Papa John’s has also consulted with financial experts such as the Bank of America. These experts offer business advise and can estimate just how long they should expect a potential recovery to last.

Under Mr. Ritchie, Papa John’s has developed a new marketing campaign to highlight these positive new changes. He knows that they need to help returning customers see the new direction that the company is moving toward. In spite of the quarter losses, Steve Ritchie believes that with these positive new changes a hostile takeover can be averted. Under the leadership of their new CEO, Papa John’s seems to be heading in the right direction to regain their standing in the pizza market.