The Future Of Brazil According To Felipe Montoro Jens

Brazil’s crippling economy has proven an unsettling topic for this waning nation. While the country is all too familiar with periods of economic woe, the current state they’re in is dire. In an effort to illustrate Brazil’s severe condition, the National Confederation of Industry released a report with alarming statistics. Said figures related to Brazil’s infrastructure projects. The study revealed that Brazil terminated 517 infrastructure jobs just last year. Of those 517 jobs, 447 were basic sanitation works. Additional projects that were never successfully executed include railways, highways, education facilities, sports complexes, ports, and waterways. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Not surprisingly, Brazil’s rapidly declining infrastructure hasn’t bode well for their economy. In fact, Brazil’s economy is in such need of rejuvenation that economists foresee an imminent downfall if the country doesn’t implement long overdue change. Said specialists include Felipe Montoro Jens, Jose Augusto Fernandes, and Ilana Ferreira. Felipe Montoro Jens is perhaps the most invested in Brazil’s ongoing issues. In the hopes of pinpointing which areas need improvement, Jens scrutinized Brazil’s operations. His findings concluded that the following fields demand refinement: finances, land, technology, staff, and micro planning. Unfortunately, Brazil is susceptible to irrevocable damage if they don’t make wholehearted efforts to rework for their systems.

Above all else, Jens is wholly concerned with Brazil’s micro planning procedures. Ferreira concurs, stating that “these poor quality works reflect poor planning.” Brazil’s haphazard approach to infrastructure bespeaks their lamentable negligence. Fernandes volunteered his sentiments as well, claiming that Brazil is seemingly incapable of learning from their prior missteps. Given the severity of Brazil’s fiasco, Jens, Fernandes, and Ferreira are all but begging Brazil to institute reform. However, Brazil’s actions have yet to inspire confidence. As time progresses, Brazil will experience colossal failure if they don’t get the ball rolling on implementing change.

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