Michael Zomber: The Undaunted Expert in Guns And Literature

Michael Zomber was born to German immigrants in Washington D.C. in 1949. His family relocated to New Jersey when he was a child. He was a graduate of the Villanova University, University of Illinois and Oberlin College. He was mainly interested in learning about language and literature. He has a masters degree in English literature from UCLA. Having lived through many wars coupled with an innate interest in literature, he was destined to be a very compelling storyteller.

During his lifetime, Zomber published about six books and numerous screenplays. His famous books are Son Of Kentucky, Jesus and the Samurai, Park Avenue and Sweet Betsy that’s Me.

Michael Zomber exhibited his exceptional storytelling skills in the History Channel’s series Tales of the Gun where he contributed as a guest historian. In the Channel, Zomber talks about his fascinating collection of antique arms. He eloquently describes his best weapon collections and the stories of the wars in which those weapons were used.

Michael Zomber shaded light on the tastes of the historical celebrities in guns. He talks about Simone Bolivar and George Washington. Through his literary wits and an extensive knowledge of the guns, Zomber has received many good reviews and awards for his valuable contribution to the History Channel. He was particularly highly praised for his role in the protection of the Japanese martial arts history.

Zomber has a long history of about 40 years of collecting vintage guns. With his wife Andrea, he also produced a highly lauded documentary called Soul of the Samurai. He has a proprietary company Renascent Films LLC. He is aware of all the ghastly horrors of the war period. Due to this, he is very supportive of NGOs which are mainly helping in disseminating world peace and brotherhood. He is particularly connected with UNICEF; Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International and Global Exchange. With his wife Andrea, he has two children, Gabriella and Christopher.