Executive Chairman of PodcastOne

Numbers do not lie. By the very nature of numbers, the concept of discrepancy is an impossibility when it comes to quantification. The only question where “the numbers” are concerned involves whether the people collecting the data do their job with a proper amount of competence.

In the case of the results from a PodcastOne and Edison research and development study, the data collected looks very much to be sound. That is the first good news. But, the real good news is the data collected indicates an effectiveness of PodcastOne to reach potential customers.

After listening to advertisements, more than 60 per cent of listeners recalled a specific grocery brand promotion within a campaign. That is not much of a surprise, because people in the United States are very much focused on the food they eat and the processes of production when it comes to consumption.

The results also show increased awareness for other things that US citizens really alike and are willing to sign their lives away on. For example, the awareness for financial services jumps by 47 per cent. Meanwhile, automobile products see a 37 per cent awareness bump and lawn care more than 24 per cent.

Either there is some really good marketing going on or people really need food, transportation and help mowing their incredibly huge lawns. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/norman-pattiz-announces-hollywoods-legendary-204000537.html

Due to the methods of research and promotion, the answer is most likely that campaigns reaching out and connecting with potential buyers are more tailored, now a days, than the old ways of mass advertisement. It is all about sending the right messages to the right potential buyers at just the right moment. Some professionals in the business call it target marketing, and it is all about knowing who you are trying to reach before presenting them with a campaign.

For Norman Pattiz, founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, performing this service is just another day at the office, or studio in his case. The simple fact is that there is no typical work day for him, because he has a hand in nearly everything that goes on in his company. This can include things from talent acquisition to ad sales. No matter what, his assistant keeps him informed as to what is going on.

In Norman’s line of business, nothing is impossible as long as proper implementation drives the ideas that help commerce. When your job is to reach people and leave an impression, new ideas and untested campaign methods are your bread and butter. For the record, Pattiz eats well, in that regard. Also, he does not know from having a “bad job”, and there are zero regrets on his road to success.