Bob Reina’s New Charity Idea For Video Marketing

The most respected entrepreneurs are often those who use their ideas to make a difference in people’s lives in addition to being successful in their industry. Bob Reina the founder of Talk Fusion certainly knows this and that’s why he’s announced a new charity drive as part of its direct selling program.

Reina founded Talk Fusion as an email marketing tool for both small and large businesses but he’s also included charities and non-profits as part of his target group. To help these charities, Reina now allows Talk Fusion associates to give one paid account to any charity they choose. The account will have access to all of Talk Fusion’s software on a monthly basis.

Bob Reina has been active in charity in his community for many years especially with the Tampa Humane Society and other local pet shelters. He’s also a donor to an orphanage overseas in India and donated to the relief organizations after the historic earthquake hit Nepal. Reina actually was a police officer prior to becoming an independent entrepreneur. He wanted more time to spend with family and wanted a job that would be rewarding even if it took hard work.

He became involved in multilevel marketing and in 2004 got the idea to create a video email software system. Most people including tech experts thought this would be impossible since the algorithms needed to turn video files or video recordings into emails would be very complex, but Reina was dedicated to his goal and he and his friends who were software engineers were persistent about it. That persistence paid off in 2007 when the email video platform hit the ground running and that was the beginning of Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina has had the vision for making Talk Fusion into a system that can meet every video marketing need from newsletters to live chat for businesses and philanthropists.

He’s been writing articles that explain how video is now a necessity for marketing and how you can use certain trends to make your videos appealing to the audience. Reina also started free trials for all Talk Fusion programs in which you only need an email address in order to access them for 30 days with no obligation.