Talkspace can help anyone, even an Olympic athlete

Talkspace is an online therapy app that allows people to speak with a licensed therapist all from their smartphone. One million people already use the service to talk to any of the thousands of therapists. Users are matched with someone who specializes in their specific problems like depression, anxiety, LGBT issues or Veteran’s issues.

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Hundreds of people use Talkspace including Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps. He recently shared his story and his struggle with anxiety and depression and encouraged others to seek help. Phelps said that he hopes that by sharing his story, others can feel confident getting the help they need with their mental health. Phelps said what happened to him can happen to anyone. In 2014 he began to feel hopeless, despite his great successes in life. He said he struggled with his own mental health and the decision to start talking to a therapist may have saved his life. He recalled sitting in his room or five days, wondering if he should go on living. Even though he has 28 Olympic medals, Phelps was still affected by these diseases. It goes to show you that it can happen to anyone and Talkspace is here to help.

Talkspace can also be a resource for people just looking to talk to someone about an issue. You may not be suffering from intense systems, but everyone can benefit from having someone listen to your worries. In recent years, mental health has come to the forefront of the worldwide dialogue and sources like Talkspace hope to help end the stigma around treatment. Talkspace has already helped more than one million people. The service is convenient, affordable and private. You can message, chat or video call with your therapist as much as you need to all form an app or computer.